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From the 1st of March 2013, we commenced a new loyalty program with great benefits to our clients.

You will no longer need a loyalty card cluttering up your purse or wallet. Each time you come to our salon for any service, 5% of the cost of that service will be credited to you in the form of Bright Eyes dollars (B$). On top of this, 5% of the cost of any retail purchase is credited to your account as well.

Once your account reaches B$30, you can use this credit to pay all or part of your next retail purchase. You can decide when you use the B$ to pay for your purchases. You may choose to use it as soon as you reach the B$30, or you may like to wait until your account builds up enough to pay in full for your next retail purchase, using only B$. The choice is yours.

Your B$ will expire after twelve months, but if you provide us with an email address, you will be notified well in advance when this will happen. This will give you plenty of time to make sure you get the opportunity to spend your B$.

The sale and redemption of gift vouchers are not included in this loyalty program.

We are sure you will find this program to be of great benefit, as you will be rewarded each time you purchase a service or product at our salon.